About South Carson Street Complete Streets Project

The August 2017 opening of the I-580 freeway extension reduced traffic volumes along the South Carson Street corridor by over 40 percent, allowing for the transformation of the corridor from that of a state-owned major arterial serving through-traffic into a calmer, City-owned multi-modal street. The South Carson Complete Street project plans to convert this large corridor into more productive uses that facilitate comfortable, convenient, and safe travel for pedestrians and cyclists; improve access to abutting businesses; spur private investment in this important and vibrant commercial corridor; increase driver safety; and prepare Carson City for future Smart City advancements.

The project includes pedestrian safety measures, ADA-compliant sidewalks and curb ramps, narrowed travel lanes, a multi-use path with landscaping buffer, dedicated bicycle facilities, critical improvements to stormwater infrastructure, improved business access, public art, lighting fixtures, new signals, and fiber optic communications. The project limits extend approximately 2.5-miles along South Carson Street from Fifth Street to near the intersection of Appion Way. Design for the South Carson Street Complete Streets Project has started. The project is utilizing the Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMAR) project delivery method. Sierra Nevada Construction (SNC) was recently selected as the CMAR and will join the City-led design team to advance the design over the next year. Public outreach and informational updates are planned throughout the duration of the project. Construction is anticipated to start by the end of 2019.

The Carson City Gateway will usher residents and visitors alike into the newly redeveloped downtown Carson City. Using 100 percent local funds, the City recently completed a $9.95 million complete streets investment to elevate its downtown. Before the project, businesses were closing their doors, Capitol employees lacked a safe and enjoyable place to grab lunch, and visitors rarely considered traveling to Carson City for a family afternoon. Now, downtown Carson City is the place to be! Since the announcement of the City’s planned investment, developers have begun to invest in properties along Carson Street, new restaurants and shops have opened, and residents enjoy the pedestrian-oriented plazas and outdoor areas.

Since the project’s inception Carson City has continued to build strong working relationships with its partners, NDOT and CAMPO, and remains engaged in proactive project outreach efforts that maintain robust community support from adjacent residents and business owners, the regional pedestrian and bicycle advocacy organization, and the Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division. While the development and delivery of Complete Streets projects in larger urbanized areas is often complicated by the diffusion of responsibility among different organizations that operate with competing objectives, the small size of this urbanized area has led to an organizational structure that is well-suited to swiftly deliver such multi-modal investments. As a department housed within Carson City, the Carson City Public Works (PW) Department will oversee the design and delivery of this project.