South Carson Street Neighborhood Improvement District

A_SCNID Boundary Map

Information on maintenance standards and NID assessments can be found at:

The Carson City Board of Supervisors enacted a one-eighth-percent sales tax in 2014 to help fund improvements to the City’s primary commercial corridors, including the South Carson Street project. The approved Plan of Expenditure for the sales tax included a provision that an assessment district would be formed as part of each corridor project to contribute funding annually to the city to provide for routine maintenance required for the corridors such as cleaning sidewalks, maintaining landscaping, servicing trash receptacles, etc. Such a district was formed for the maintenance of the Downtown Carson and Curry Streetscape Projects constructed in 2016 and 2018. The formation of a NID can provide the following benefits:
• Increase in property values
• Attract new businesses and visitors to the corridor
• Sustainable and dedicated funding to ensure quality maintenance and preservation of infrastructure and roadway beatification improvements

All the planned street corridor projects are designed to improve each corridor segment by: (1) enhancing business access; (2) increasing safety through lighting and roadway improvements; (3) improving pedestrian access and connectivity; (4) adding bike lanes; and (5) enhancing aesthetics through parkway landscaping and streetscape improvements. All such improvements have been proposed in an effort to make the corridors more inviting to the public and thereby increase the attractiveness of the local businesses located along the corridors, which will increase the City’s economic vitality.

The South Carson Complete Streets Project is designed with the intent to meet all the strategic objectives listed above. The project’s purpose is to convert the large South Carson Street corridor into more productive uses that facilitate comfortable, convenient, and safe travel for pedestrians and cyclists; improve access to abutting businesses; spur private investment in this important and vibrant commercial corridor; increase driver safety; as well as create a more aesthetically pleasing and inviting gateway into our City. The overall project will include complete streets improvements from Fifth Street to the Carson City I-580 Freeway terminus (Appion Way), as well as significant upgrades and expansion to critical utility infrastructure along the corridor.