South Carson Street

12/21/18 Update: City staff and the project design team hosted a community meeting where citizens and stakeholders were encouraged to provide feedback and explore the South Carson Complete Streets Project conceptual designs, which are in the early stages of development. The meeting was held on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Carson City Sheriff’s Office Ormsby Room located at 911 East Musser Street, in Carson City. You can complete the comment form by visiting the City's website The recorded meeting can be viewed below.

The August 2017 opening of the I-580 freeway extension reduced traffic volumes along the South Carson Street corridor by over 40 percent, allowing for the transformation of the corridor from that of a state-owned major arterial serving through-traffic into a calmer, City-owned multi-modal street. The South Carson Complete Street project plans to convert this large corridor into more productive uses that facilitate comfortable, convenient, and safe travel for pedestrians and cyclists; improve access to abutting businesses; spur private investment in this important and vibrant commercial corridor; increase driver safety; and prepare Carson City for future Smart City advancements.

The project includes pedestrian safety measures, ADA-compliant sidewalks and curb ramps, narrowed travel lanes, a multi-use path with landscaping buffer, dedicated bicycle facilities, critical improvements to stormwater infrastructure, improved business access, public art, lighting fixtures, new signals, and fiber optic communications. The project limits extend approximately 2.5-miles along South Carson Street from Fifth Street to near the intersection of Appion Way. Design for the South Carson Street Complete Streets Project has started. The project is utilizing the Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMAR) project delivery method. Sierra Nevada Construction (SNC) was recently selected as the CMAR and will join the City-led design team to advance the design over the next year. Public outreach and informational updates are planned throughout the duration of the project. Construction is anticipated to start by the end of 2019.

30% Design Submittal
The project team completed the 30% design of the South Carson Complete Streets Project near the end of October 2018.

South Carson Flythrough_30% Design from Design Workshop - Tahoe on Vimeo.

Illustrative Plans of the 30% Design Layout

RACC and HRC Meeting- 30% Design Update

On December 3, City staff presented the 30% design at a joint meeting with the Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee (RACC) and Historic Resources Commission (HRC). The purpose of the presentation was to provide an update on the design of the South Carson Complete Streets Project. The Redevelopment Authority has authorized $200,000 from the Redevelopment Fund to assist in the construction of the project, including project enhancements such as landscaping, benches and other streetscape features. The video of the meeting can be viewed here (agenda item 3.B starts at the 21:55 mark):

City staff will provide the Board of Supervisors with an update of the 30% design at the December 20, 2018 board meeting. The project team will also return to the HRC for the January 10, 2019 meeting to discuss the project with a focus on seeking information on any historical and/or cultural resources within the project area. The team encourages the public to attend this meeting and provide input on any historical or cultural preservation concerns in the project corridor.

RTC Meeting- 30% Design Approval

On November 14, the design team presented the 30% design to the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC). The presentation included an overview of the project history, project features, design plans, public outreach efforts, project funding and schedule moving forward, and available communication tools for the public to stay connected. The video of the meeting can be viewed here (agenda item 6.A starts at the 9:30 mark):

RTC-South Carson Complete Streets Project Presentation PowerPoint

City staff will provide the Board of Supervisors with an update of the 30% design at the December 20, 2018 board meeting.

If we missed you on our visits or if you’re an interested resident hoping to provide input, please don’t hesitate to contact the project manager, Tom Grundy, at or (775) 283-7081.

October 2018 Outreach Activities to Businesses

The project team visited approximately 250 businesses along the project corridor during the weeks of October 15 and October 22 to discuss the project. At these face-to-face meetings, the project team provided a general overview of the project, discussed a timeline for design and construction, and mentioned various communication tools for the public to stay connected during the design and construction process. During these visits, the project team also gathered feedback from the businesses, including contact information, any planned special events, and any other concerns about the project and its impacts to their businesses during construction. The comments received were all compiled in a project database and will be considered during the advancement of design and the planning of construction.